Help and Frequent Asked Questions

About your account

How can I join Trans4date platform?

Joining Trans4date is extremely simple. Complete the sign-up form and you’ll get a confirmation email notification with a link to follow to complete your registration procedure. This’ll help confirm that you provide a genuine email ID and that you’ll be capable to receive email from Trans4date. Your profile will be activated and fully ready to use after this simple procedure.

If you think you did not get our confirmation text, and then read below.

I did not receive the confirmation text

For any sort of reason, if you do not receive a confirmation text within few minutes after you sign up, check your junk folder (or spam folder). The words “ladyboys, transgenders, transsexuals” are often blacklisted therefore our emails go too directly to junk or spam. Check your folders and ensure to accept incoming emails from our website so they can go directly to your mail inbox.

So, what you need to do: go your junk or spam folder, look for an email Trans 4 date with the subject “Activate” your account, then pick if and mark it as not spam. To ensure you’ll get our all emails in the future, you can also add our email ID to your favorite contacts list.

Here’re some guidelines images for Gmail, Hotmail / Live and Yahoo.

How much does it cost for sign up process?

On my Trans4date website, it is free to create your account, review your matches and search all the other photos and profiles. Your profile will keep active as long as you want, for free of cost. Though the women (transsexual ladies or Lady Boys), can utilize the complete website for free, gentleman will have to upgrade to premium plan (also called paid access) in order to access a few of the features of the Trans4date (that is the case of texting system). The paid access starts at as low as 9.50 € (or $10.90) each month.

Being a paid site allows us to manage the quality of our users (we value quality or quantity) because, in addition to appointing moderators, it also naturally filters guys who actually search for relationship form the non serious persons.

After getting paid package, will my paid membership be automatically renewed?

At Trans4date, paid memberships are not automatically renewed. We don’t store your credit card or payment details to make next payments on your behalf. The entire payments made on Trans4date are 1 time payments. As soon as your paid membership expires, your profile will revert to back to a free membership. We’ll notify you by messaging when your membership is due to expire as a reminder.

If you wish to renew your membership once again you’ll have to upgrade again by picking a premium plan and making a new payment for the process.

How do I permanently delete my Trans4date account?

We are sorry to see you go, but if you wish to permanently delete your account, go to account setting then at the below of the web page click on to deactivate your account, click here. Then you need to follow some instructions.

Note: beware that if you delete your profile, there’ll be no any way for you to get it back your account, all information and images will actually removed from our servers. If you want to disable your profile temporarily in its place, read below lines.

Can I temporarily deactivate my Trans4date Profile?

If you need to leave Trans4date but keep your account and images intact, you can temporarily deactivate your profile. There’s no difference regarding other users among deactivating or deleting your profile, the single difference is that you can get it back at any time when you come back. You only have to long in one again with your email ID and password, and your profile will be re-activated rapidly. For deactivating your profile, go to your account setting, then at the below of the page, click to deactivate your profile, click here, then follow some instructions.

Can I change my email address?

In the case you wish to replace your old email address with a new one, you need to contact our customer support team by email via the contact form.

Can I change my old password?

Yes, you can change your old password. To change your old password, go to Account settings, and then tap on Change password.

I cannot long in into my profile, why?

If you forget profile password, utilize this page, if you still can’t log in your profile, it’s likely that your profile gets closed by Trans4date moderators. We apply our rules and regulations regarding images, info, profiles, scammers, fake accounts and financial exchanges. If you get banned from Trans4date, you normally get an email notification to explain the reason, why you are facing ban.

How can I modify the frequently of e-mail notifications sent from our website?

We send a number of emails to our consumers. In addition to our newsletter, we can also send you key notifications when a user sends you new text, and visit your account. We also send weekly or daily summaries of your account’s activity, as well as new and features profiles and possible matches. For any of those options, you can pick which emails you want to receive or not receive. Go to your email setting and choose which email message you want us to send you.

What’s not allowed to do in Trans4date website?

We designed proper community guidelines to make sure each number can enjoy Trans 4 Date safely and responsibly. Here at Trans4date invite you to familiarize yourself with them to ensure you would not do something bad.

About your profile & photos

How do I add images?

Images are an extremely vital part of your account. For adding images, go to edit my account or profile, and then manage images. Free members can upload only 16 images, paid account and verified users have no restriction.

I am having problems uploading my image, so what to do?

If you’re having an issue uploading images (it can occur for a few models of mobile phones for instance), send us your images by email and our team will upload them for you.

How long does it take for the Trans4date moderation team to grant my image?

It normally takes less than 30 minutes for our moderation experts to review your picture. You’ll get an email notification when it is done.

What occurs if I edit my account?

You can change almost everything on your account at any time, but there’re 2 things you have to approval from our team: your descriptions and your headline. There’re strict laws to follow in order to have a valid description and headline, and those are listed right when you edit your account info.

Why is my picture not showing?

If more than one day passed after you posted your image but it is still not showing, which means Trans4date moderation experts refused it because it was not following our rules and regulations. When we approved/refuse a picture, an email notification is automatically sent to you with an explanation message.

Why is my picture edited with black rectangles or resized?

Sometimes our expert will take the liberty of cropping, blocking or blurring parts of an image to better represent you and shield the identities of other people in the image.

How do I delete pictures?

Go to this web site page Manage photos and tap on the image you wish to delete, then tap the delete key on the bottom left.

How do I select my primary image?

Your first image is the one that shows initially on your account, in search outcomes, and in the private discussion. To pick your primary image, go to this web page Manage Photos, tap on the image you want, and then tap the Make primary photo key on the bottom left.

About interaction with other Trans4date members

Why I cannot send texts?

If you are a woman, you have to complete your account profile before you are allowed to send texts. Complete your account profile with a proper description, and at least 1 picture, and wait for our team to approve it. Once your account profile is approved and completed, you can send and receive texts without any restriction.

If you are a guy, you have to upgrade to paid access, once paid membership, you can send and receive texts, limitless.

How do I report other profile to the moderation?

At the moment that a user is spamming, harassing you, asking or offering for money and otherwise making Trans 4 date a bad spot to be, there’re Report features on each profile page, and on any discussion page. Doing so is top secret and our team will deal with this matter rapidly.

How do I block someone’s profile from sending me a text?

You can block any one from sending you text and from viewing your account profile. To do so, there’re block features on each profile page and on all conversion page.

How do I unblock someone’s profile?

If you wish to unblock a user, go to your profile setting, then you can see list of blocked accounts, there you can unblock simply one by one each profile.

What does it mean when an account or profile is “unavailable”?

Accounts or profiles might be unavailable for one of the following causes:

  1. The members have deleted her or his profile
  2. The members blocked your profile
  3. You blocked the member’s profile
  4. The member suspend her or his profile

Can I hide profiles that I am not interested in?

If there’re accounts that you’re not properly interested in and do not want to see in your search outcomes anymore, you can hide then utilizing X key at the top right side of any outcome. This will also eliminate them from your favorites list, but one thing to keep in mind; this will not explicitly block them. They’ll still be capable to see your account profile and text you.

How do I know if a profile is real?

This is one of the most important questions for everyone. You can’t! But you can be wise to prevent newbie pitfalls. We’ve up to the mark technology to automatically spot fakers, scammers, gamers, duplicate profiles and so forth. Trans4date team works each and every day reviewing accounts, images and making our platform one of the safest place possible for dating transgender ladies. But it can’t be accurate. Internet dating is an amazing method to find your love, but it has its own dark sides, you have to be aware of then and must be intelligent.

As a law of thumb: never ever send cash to someone you met at an online platform, whatever the cause. If a Trans4date user asks for cash, report to our team and we will ban her or him right away. If you report to our team after sending money, then we’ll ban both of you. The reason is clear: if anyone ever sends cash, then no one asks for it. Members who sent cash online are creating a marketplace for cheaters or scammers and we do not want those profiles on Trans4Date. Though, if a member asks for cash and you do not send any, we’ll be very happy that you reported this profile and will thank you for making Trans4Date platform a greater place.

About browser support

What browsers does our site support and why?

Here at Trans4date, we actively support the recent and up to date version of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, as well as the 2 new up to date version of Internet Explorer. We also active ensures that our web site works well on Apple devices.

If you utilize another browser or a previous version, the website might not work properly. We are not actively developing or fixing some bugs for old outdated browsers.

You didn’t find a satisfying answer in this page?

You can still contact us by email through our contact page, response time usually never exceeds 24 hours.

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