Transgender Dating

In this day and age most societies have one way or another embraced/accepted transgender people and in my opinion rightly so. However with humanity you will always get a few bad apples that will have the negative opinion of transgender people due to pier pressure, experiences etc.

800px-Transgender_Pride_flag.svgThat being said, I strongly believe such negativity and discrimination should not influence whether one should or shouldn’t date a transgender individual. In my opinion when dating anyone, transgender or not, it should be based on experiencing the ups and downs together, getting to know one another and as soppy as it sounds perhaps eventually being “in love”. Obviously everyone is within their own right to argue for or against that.

As a species we have evolved a lot socially and scientifically, from unfair rights between genders, sexualities etc. to more equality amongst individuals with laws implemented protecting many people of all genders etc

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By Candice Alex

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