How to Tell If You’re transgender women

How to Tell If You’re transgender women

How to Tell If You’re Shemale   If you identify more with the opposite sex , we need to accept this fact in order to be able to move on. Whether this is making the transition or just accept who you are , there are many steps you can take to feel better about the way you present yourself. Get ready for an examination of conscience and know that it will make you a stronger person .


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    Be patient. It may take a long time to know if you are or not a transsexual . If you think you are " late" or " too old " to be a transsexual , it is not . There are people who did not realize they were transgender ( or were in denial ) to reach your 30, 40 or even 50 years. Remember that this is not a race , but a self-realization . Learn about yourself is part of the feeling of peace of mind .


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    Understand what it means to be transsexual. This does not mean that you will have a limited life. You can watch TV shows where transgender people say they knew from very young, but one must understand that not all people have such knowledge when the youth. You may, as a child, liked to wear dresses and heels of your mother or play with doll. Remember that things like clothes and toys are just expressions, and no signs of a genre.

    • Being transgender does not mean you're gay or straight. Sex and sexuality are two different and separate parts of their identity. Sexual orientation is for whom you are sexually attracted and gender identity is an internal sense of gender. It is not uncommon or unreasonable to be homosexual and transsexual. There are many transgender people who are gay, bisexual or asexual. In fact, it makes little sense for transsexuals to be in a heterosexual relationship. However, straights can have any sexual orientation. Gays and lesbians are still heteras people because they see themselves from the sex to which they were assigned at birth. When people call the transgender heterosexual "gay", it sounds more as if they were saying that being transgender is a way to continue the "ideal and heteronormative persona" as if it were false. But this is not about look attractive or "normal" to others, it's about happiness and freedom.
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    3.Try to visualize your future , dream and fantasize about what you want in life. Where do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years ? Do you see yourself as an older and happy person ? Do you see yourself as someone who is having fun , spending time with friends, raising a family , doing fun things , or just relaxing ? Take time and see what you feel . If you like to have fantasies about himself as a gender different from the one assigned at birth and feel a strange sense of happiness with this, it might be transgender. Find out if this is the way it should or not follow. Remember that some hormonal and surgical changes can be irreversible , make sure you’re ready for these changes.
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    Search on the transition. Learn more about how hormones work and surgeries you serve something. It’s okay to just want to take hormones instead of doing some surgery . Prefer to surgery without taking the hormones is also normal. That does not make you any less a transsexual. There are countless people who are comfortable with only one or some of these options . What matters is that you feel comfortable .
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    Accept yourself . Learn to accept and love who you are. You have the right to speak or question in every way you see fit . It is important to listen to what you feel and not what people say you should feel . If you choose not to question their gender identity to be concerned about people’s opinions , you can have an unhappy life . You must remember that you have only one life and should not reach the end of it full of regrets.
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    Consult a gender therapist. Although they can not decide what their sex, they can guide you on your journey. Having a good therapist can really improve someone's life . Only know how she feels can now help you discover your identity. It is important to ask questions and analyze why you feel that way . Be careful and selective in choosing a gender therapist. Ask the recommendation of other transsexuals. The wrong person will waste your time and money.


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