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  • Candice Alex

    When did you start your transition?

    Candice Alex

    I started my in 2013

    I started seeing a doctor to begin transition in 2010, then, after much ado and countless meetings with a local TransFamily chapter, I started hormones back on December 9th of 2011. I’m beyond pleased with the results, suffice to say.


    I started living full time and started hormones in 2008. There were no services in my area at the time so it was an all day ordeal for a simple appointment. I still travel almost 100 miles to get services with the exception of therapists. I do have an initial consultation appointment for breast augmentation only 30 miles from home, however, they have never had a trans patient, so we will see how it goes. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    Candice Alex

    im living full time as a girl for 2 years only


    I started living female in late august last year and started HRT in June or July this year, I couldn’t b happier….. unless of course, I happened 2 find the one meant 4 me.

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