Whats your idea of the perfect date?

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  • Candice Alex

    Whats your idea of the perfect date?

    Candice Alex

    My idea of the perfect date would be a nice sit-down dinner at cozy restaurant. Not somewhere super busy, but not completely empty. Maybe a movie before or after, and then a walk around the neighbourhood.


    My idea would be perfect date have dinner at the moonlight accompanied by an interesting talk and in a quiet place with good music, then go to the movies and then go walking around the neighborhood acompañadode ice cream or some dessert


    ice cream is always good!!

    First we would agree to meet somewhere nice we both would like for lunch. At lunch decide together some exciting activity ( boating, swimming, go carts…) for the afternoon, then plan to meet for dinner later somewhere nice again. Talk and dance maybe, laugh and decide if we want to kiss, because the tension is there, why not. Then we can enjoy a horse carriage ride in the night air, and decide if we want to meet again and when.


    A nice walk through the city, perhaps on the walking trail accompanied by my lushes
    partner telling each other our hopes and dreams for the future and see where it goes from there. A bite along any hardy route in my city is worth the journey, especially when in good company. Who knows, we might decide to end up at Da’bronx Pizza and maybe, just maybe, get caught in a light cliche rain that we’re crazy enough to stay in because we’re together. I’m sorry, a little too corny, huh?… sorry


    Just have FUN,

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